Data plans: What’s up with overages?

I’ve been thinking a lot about data plans – smart phone data plans. These things have always bothered me, mostly because most phone data plans cost more than home internet service.  Case in point? Before it was discontinued, unlimited 3G data usage from AT&T cost about $30 a month.  AT&T basic home DSL? 19.99. AFTER 3 months of a lower, discounted price.

Even today’s lower priced data plans run into this problem: 200mb for $15.00 is very little internet for nearly the full price of a home connection – while the $25 plan at 2GB still overtakes the home DSL price, yet provides less data transfer.  Yes, I know there are different factors to consider – it’s a different technology, it requires more maintenance, there is a greater load on the cellular network than on delivery method of home DSL – but to the end user, it’s still the same Internet.

In consideration of what kind of data plan would be best suited for me, I did some research, and found some odd overage charges.  An online chat with AT&T’s Jessica revealed that any amount of overage on the lowest end plan – 200mb per month for 15.00 – would amount in a $15 overage charge for another 15.  But overage for the $25 2gig plan? Only $10 for another 2GB.  While the 2GB users are paying more for a “higher class” service, these overage charges carve a wide canyon – a great example of paying more for less in the name of saving money.  It seems it would make more sense to automatically upgrade 200gb users to 2gb for the remainder of any month they go over.. ..but then there would be no profit in overage charges.  Bummer.

Still, I found an easy workaround. Take it away, chatlog:

I sure could, and if I ever get around to adding that data plan, I sure will.  For now though, an odd exception loosely based on having an unlocked phone added out-of-contract keeps me from having a data-plan forced upon me. I’ll save the money.

Maybe later.  Or maybe when I upgrade to a Windows Phone 7 device later this year. We’ll see.  I’m still at odds with paying almost as much for mobile internet, as one pays for home internet – and I’m not certain I’ll use the mobile feature enough to make it worthwhile.  How does one reconcile the price discrepancy? Well, let’s look at twitter, and my fancy european friend Alan:


@seaniccus I use about 20gb a month through 3g, with barely any tethering and my limit is 100gb a month for £5. Android pwns iPhone. :)

£5. That’s about $8 US for 100GB of internet, tethering included. Mobile internet, for less than half the price of home internet.  Astounding.

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Weight, and video release update….

I know, I know. You’re asking: where’s that Ashland video we were promised, or the digital documentation of the great epic: BuckleyBoy’s trip to Washington DC? Never fear, non-existant readers, I have an excuse!

See, my hard drive is full. Lame excuse? Absolutely. Does it work? Absolutely. Withut making room on my editing, I have no way to make new movies. No space, no video. It’s young to get sorted out, but I promise no timetable. Hopefully soon.

In other news, more weight-loss. Also, I’m taking an art class. Check it out:


Weight, and the loss of milkshakes

I didn’t need to diet, not really – but I carried an extra few pounds home from vacation, and I really didn’t have any place to put them.  My initial plan was to just lay off the bagels and snacks for a few days, but a friend of mine had been telling me about his low-carb diet – telling great stories about the glory of ketosis, and possibly slaying dragons and whatnot.

At his suggestion, I did a little reading. It was pretty interesting. It was going to be a boring week, so hey, why not  – let’s low-carb for a little while and see if anything happens.

The results were astounding:

10 pounds in 10 days.

Yeah. The first jump on that chart might be partially water-weight, but that’s still a significant change. According to my lovely weight charting program (err… Wii Fit,) I haven’t been under 182 since new years – and I’ve never dropped weight that fast.

So now what? I guess I plug on for another few days and see if I can get to my ideal weight: 175.  If not, no big deal – I’m not overweight or anything.

So yeah low-carb dieting: pretty neat, if you know what you’re doing.  I miss milkshakes though.

When can I have a  milkshake again?

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Short Video: Not Dead, Cleaning.

What’s this? I’m supposed to be video blogging more? I can do that. I can SO do that.  I’ve just got some chores to do first.  Telling you about that counts, right? Sure it does.  Move videos are on the way – I have tons of interesting ideas that are more than “this is what’s going on in my life.” Interesting things.  Tons of them.  Well, at least one. You’ll see.

Watch it!

If you’re not very good at the internet, there was a video somewhere up there. It can be seen on youtube here:  Available in HD for some reason. Crazy.

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Video for May: Format changes?

Guess what? It’s July. The end of July.  That’s right, Summer is more than halfway over, and I’m only just now posting the May video – clearly something needs to change.

Part of the problem is time constraints – when you have a month of footage backed up on a camera, it takes a few hours to capture to the computer for editing – and even after it’s captured, it has to be reviewed, sifted through, and sometimes fixed or re-captured before it’s ready to actually be cut into a video.  No. this isn’t working.

I think I’m going to make shorter videos, more often – I’ll do something, and then put a video up of it within 48 hours if it’s something that would have gone in the normal video anyway.  This also solves another problem – time limits.  Youtube only allows 11 minute long videos.  Well, ten really, but with a minute of spillover – I’m pushing the envelope every month, and cutting out a lot that I’d rather not – giving separate segments their own video means more content overall, and more updates.   I hope.

Still, I have to play catch up.  Here’s May:

June, or at least selected segments from it, are next up. …or heck, I might just skip ahead to July. Whatever works.

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Back from E3 – Articles and New Videos Coming!

E3? Yeah, that was interesting.  If you haven’t been paying attention, the Nintendo 3DS stole the show – it’s somewhat difficult to describe without sounding like a PR nutter, but it’s danged neat.

I’ve been working on various articles from E3 since I’ve gotten back, a few game previews, some analysis, general reporting, etc; I’m working on some video content as well, mostly show floor impressions.

Here are some of the articles:

Nintendo 3DS won’t be sold at a loss, says CEO Iwata; price speculation ensues

Kinection error: don’t Move! Sony and Microsoft fall flat at E3

New Zelda for Wii was pushed back to refine visual style, says Shigeru Miyamoto

Nintendo 3DS to launch with Kid Icarus, Starfox 64 3D

Hands On: Kirby’s Epic Yarn is Fun Fabric

E3 Hands-On: Donkey Kong Country Returns, Indeed

Infendo at Nintendo’s E3 Presser (Short Video)

Microsoft’s “Natal” renamed to “Kinect,” Xbox 360 Slim may be on the way

There’s more on the way – more than a few articles and some video content that I just haven’t had the time to edit.

Time is problem, actually – nothing makes you want to be part of a news team more than trying to cover E3 alone; There is simply too much to cover to do it all on your own.  In an effort to see and cover as much as possible, you delay your coverage to evenings at the hotel, or the week after the show – while this affords you the most content to write about, it means that your news isn’t timely.

GameSpot had a fantastic setup, a miniature newsroom installed on the show floor.  A room full of staff, working as a team to get quality content out in a timely fashion.   It would be nice to be a part of that.  …GameSpot IS relatively local, and I made sure to hand out my card.  I’d love to start at the bottom, or take an internship with them. Maybe with some luck, hard work,  and a good interview  I could be a part of that kind of setup one day.

I’ll continue to write and edit together what I can between work and other responsibilities, and I’ll post the results here.  Also, another monthly video is on the way, for May – it should be out by the end of the Month, but the videos page might fill with some E3 related content first.

Peace out.

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Leaving for E3 + a new video

The last few days? Crazy busy. I’ve been reformatting my computer, finding clothing, organizing camera and sound equipment, and doing every little thing I can to prepare for the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  I didn’t even expect to be going this year, but my press pass got approved at the last minute – so I’ll be trying to drum up some cool stories and video segments for Infendo , Examiner, and VG Tribune.

Part of this preparation was trying to get old projects off the table so I would have time to take care of all the footage I hope to shoot at the conference.   That means the April video is done. May? Not so much yet. Hopefully I’ll have some time to take care of it at the airport, and I’ll be up to date pretty soon.   Until then you can check out the April video on Youtube, or watch it on the site by clicking the new video box, or by visiting the Video Archives page.

And I think that makes THIS the official first BuckleyBoy Blog post to host official content. Awesome.

Reading this on Livejournal or Facebook? Yeah. That’s an RSS feed. Keep reading it there if you like or head over to to see the full site. I’m sprucing it up as I go. Check it out, leave comments. Rock on.

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